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Speaking Engagements

Speaking Engagements Ebenstein-Consulting


Donny offers highly interactive webinars, seminars, and keynote speeches.

  • Do you want to expose your team to techniques for communicating and negotiating more effectively?
  • Is it hard to bring your geographically-dispersed group together for training? Is finding a full day to devote to this a challenge?

One efficient way to introduce new communication or negotiation skills to your team is to offer a webinar that focuses on one specific scenario and/or one specific skill you’d like them to learn. This can be highly cost-effective for an audience located in different cities or countries, particularly if now is not the right time to bring them together for a longer program.

Typical webinars are focused on a specific issue that is faced by the attendees. The open Q&A allows for a robust learning experience despite the virtual environment of the training room.


Our seminars are perfect for small groups and/or targeted audiences. Targeted audiences in the past who have benefitted from our programs include HR staff, newly promoted managers, and women’s leadership initiatives.

These shorter programs are also well suited for integration into an existing learning program, which may encompass many topics of which negotiation, communication and/or conflict resolution is only one aspect.

Seminars typically include a customized scenario followed by a role play and Q&A, allowing smaller groups to focus on something that matters to them.

Keynote presentations

Donny’s keynotes speeches are highly interactive, even with large audiences, and he is known for his skill in using role playing and open Q&A to keep people engaged. If you are looking to liven up your conference or event with a session that is a radically different than a typical PowerPoint-focused lecture, Donny’s session are a perfect fit.

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