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About Donny Ebenstein

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Meet Donny

Donny Ebenstein’s driving passion is helping people tackle their most challenging situations. Whether training, coaching, facilitating, or mediating, Donny is always focused on how people can change their own behavior in order to get unstuck and achieve better outcomes.


Donny is an international expert in the field of negotiation, mediation, and conflict resolution.  He is the author of I Hear You: How to Repair Communication Breakdowns, Negotiate Successfully, and Build Consensus…in 3 Simple Steps.


His private sector experience includes teaching negotiation, mediation, and communication workshops for executives at all levels of seniority, from recent college graduates to partners, directors, and the top levels of management in the U.S., Europe, Asia, Latin America, the Middle East, and Australia.   He has worked extensively in the financial services industry, providing training, coaching and consulting services to leading investment banks and hedge funds.


Ebenstein has worked with a wide range of public sector clients, including Newark Public SchoolsThe Citadel Military College, the US Office of Government Ethics, New York City Department of Education, and the Federal Aviation Administration. He promoted mediation through his work with the Supreme Court of Justice of Costa Rica, and worked on an initiative of the Government of Antioquia, Colombia, teaching non-violence to educators.


Donny has extensive experience in the Middle East.  He helped found the Jerusalem Mediation Institute, one of the first mediation centers in Israel; consulted to the Israeli Supreme Court, supporting their efforts to promote mediation in Israel; and led workshops on alternative dispute resolution, attended by hundreds of sitting judges. Donny led the adaptation and implementation of the Program for Young Negotiators curriculum, in which he taught students and teachers in Israeli Jewish, Israeli Arab and Israeli Druze Middle Schools how to apply principles of integrative negotiation in different cultural settings.  He has trained the Israel Defense Forces on how to collaborate more effectively on joint patrols with their Palestinian counterparts and joint workshops for Israeli and Palestinian Border Crossing Staff on skills for resolving conflict. He has also trained the members of the Israel Defense Forces’ elite Hostage Negotiation Unit in negotiation and communication skills, and taught members of the Temporary International Presence in Hebron on conflict resolution skills applicable to their observer mission in Hebron.  He directed both a Train the Trainer and a High School Negotiation Program for Jewish and Arab high school students in a US Embassy sponsored program, run by Mosaica Center for Conflict Resolution by Agreement.


Donny has taught and guest lectured at the Hebrew University Law faculty, the Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law, the Inter-Disciplinary Center of Herzliya, Columbia UniversityBar Ilan University Law SchoolTechnion – Israel Institute of Technology, and Tel Hai College. He served as the advisor of the NYU Law School Mediation Organization.


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