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Free Consultation

  • Are you to trying but failing to get a promotion you deserve?
  • Do you manage an employee who is technically gifted, but who can’t get along with a team?
  • Do you sense low-level yet persistent conflict between partners, which is undermining the functioning of the firm?
  • Are you struggling to navigate a career change?
  • Do you find it difficult to say “no” to unreasonable requests for fear of damaging the relationship?
  • Are you an HR professional who needs to support a newly-promoted manager in a larger and more challenging role?

These are just a sample of the challenges my clients face. I know how painful these situations are, so I offer new clients a free, half-hour consultation to understand what your issue is, and propose tangible and effective solutions. Fill in the contact information, and I will reach out to you in the next few days to schedule. You’ll be glad you did!

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