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We believe that people learn best through action and reflection. Our highly-interactive workshops allow participants to build skills either in a group setting or individually.

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Coaching helps individuals tackle their personal challenges in a focused and discreet setting. Either the 360 coaching or laser coaching format will be customized to meet your personal goals.

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We all get stuck sometimes. Whether your issue is between individuals, teams, departments, or companywide, our organizational intervention and facilitation programs can help.

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Our goal is to help our clients tackle their most difficult situations more effectively.

Are you trapped working for a boss that doesn’t understand you? Do you oversee an employee that, while talented, is completely unmanageable? Is it a struggle to raise a sensitive issue in a constructive manner? Are you engaged in a negotiation that isn’t making progress? Does your stuck situation feel hopeless, and you’re ready to give up? We can help. Here’s how…

Donny Ebenstein



The Most Conflict-filled Time of the Year

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Leverage the Moment

Charlie was an experienced and capable engineer for a technology company.  He was bored with his current role as a... Read More →


Our workshops are individually tailored to your needs.
Our 360º Coaching service offers an intensive, one-on-one learning experience to help a person improve his or her skills in negotiation, communication and/or conflict resolution
Our organizational intervention programs can help. We offer three distinct yet complementary services for addressing these issues: Diagnostics, Facilitation, and Training.
Tune in to get communication advice from Donny now.

What Clients Say

“Working with Donny is like putting an interactive mirror directly in front of you. His method of coaching is both sensitive and firm, but always balanced. He has helped me to better understand and control my communications, which has led to more successful interactions and results in many complex situations.”
Len L., Managing Director, Hedge Fund Services

“Donny engaged the audience, taught pertinent and immediately applicable information and was a hit for the 500+ attendees.” Tira G., Conference Director

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