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Endorsements of Donny

“Forcing yourself into the shoes of the other guy sounds so simple, even cliché-like. However, combining that effort with active role-playing unlocks understanding and builds preparation far beyond simply “thinking it through.” These techniques that Donny Ebenstein taught, coached, and cajoled into me have been instrumental in my successful interactions and negotiations with my accounts and my colleagues.”
National Account Director, multinational agricultural company
“Donny’s preparation in working with our company was exceptional. He was meticulous in his preparation; took the time to really understand our business drivers and how to bring value to our learners.”.
Learning and Development Coordinator, energy company
“It seems so obvious in retrospect that personality conflicts can be the greatest impediment to a small business’s growth. But without Donny, we would still be blaming our stagnancy on a hundred other things. Donny came in, and with his sharp intellect and keen sense of psychology made us feel like we knew him and he knew us for years. His blend of amiability and brass tacks, profound empathy and sharp rebuke, removed the sting of acknowledging fault and paved a smooth road to self-transformation. We saw an immediate and sustained improvement in revenue and profit, and most importantly, a more enjoyable work environment.”
Partner, software development company
“Donny is quick and sharp, and communicates his thoughts clearly and effectively. Donny also has a talent for translating his analysis into practical advice, particularly when he uses role playing as a coaching tool. This has allowed me to reflect upon my own challenging situations, and as a result I have gained more experience, increased my confidence and acquired the tools to successfully face complex situations in real work-related relationships. Our work together has contributed significantly to my interpersonal skills and to my overall success at work.”
Senior Vice President, hedge fund
“Donny Ebenstein brings both knowledge and passion to the classroom. He is truly invested in the work he has done for our organization. Our employees are able to build better relationships and ultimately build the business.”
Director, Learning Resources, financial services
“The workshops led by Donny were amongst our best and most professional. Donny not only took the time to learn and understand our challenges deeply, but he was able to tackle them accurately and provide us tools that empowered us to become much better at what we do. His sharpness, emotional intelligence and vast experience in managing complex environments and conflicts helped us grow beyond our normal practices and habits.”
Vice President and Deputy General Counsel, digital technology
“Donny taught me essential skills that should be mandatory in every law and business curriculum: effective communication. From negotiating deals to managing departments, he taught me that success depends on thoughtful and effective communication. In my industry, the art of steering firm culture as a leader also requires a similar mastery. Donny guided me to be a better communicator which, admittedly, was at times personally challenging. His mix of authenticity and grueling perception allowed me to trust him even more — he told me what I didn’t want to hear. I hired Donny to get results. Results were what he delivered.”
Managing Director, hedge fund
“Donny is a true “consultant”……I approached him seeking advice on a career change. He guided me through some very tricky interview situations and gave me the themes and confidence needed to achieve my goals. I constantly review my notes of our discussions—they are invaluable and truly spot on. Some of his direction was hard to accept, but he enabled me to move dramatically forward. He is very good!!”
Managing Director, investment bank
“I don’t think that any of the 25 observers that Donny came to do capacity building with at the Temporary International Presence in Hebron actually believed that an “outsider” would be able to change much. For 16 years the organization had been trying to successfully fulfill its mandate in one of the most protracted conflicts in the world. Several rounds of training had taken place in the past without leaving any lasting impression on the staff or the organization. With Donny it was different. Through several exercises in perspective taking, communication and negotiation skills Donny helped the team find new tools to use in the daily work interacting with military counter parts which actually worked. It was a turnaround experience and a huge inspiration for many of us who had been looking to take our mission to the next level.”
Senior Political Adviser, international peacekeeping organization


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