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Management Assessment


Suppose you are a successful professional.  Your job isn’t perfect (whose is?), and you are not without your flaws (we all have them, right?), but you are quite content with your professional life.


But maybe you want to know if things could be better . . . Am I really doing the most I can to advance in my career?  Are they ways I could earn more money?  Get promoted faster?  Have better relationships at work, with clients or with colleagues? 


Most effective people, individuals who are already succeeding in their professional life or otherwise, seek improvement even when they don’t have a specific problem.  Top performers don’t wait for trouble to find them; they supercharge their growth by anticipating issues and trying to add to their skills.  They look for ways to improve so that their flaws don’t hold them back.


Management assessment is a service particularly geared towards already-successful professionals who want to supercharge their growth.  Unlike a training workshop, where one can learn new skills of general applicability, management assessments are all about you, and ONLY you.  Using this service, you may:


  • Find out how you are actually perceived by those you work with most closely (which might be different from how people tell you they see you)
  • Uncover flaws or gaps in performance that may be holding you back
  • Discover ways you can supercharge your performance
  • Confront any hesitations, conscious or otherwise, you may have about taking your professional life to the next level


Phase One: The process begins with a one-on-one conversation between you and your assessment coach.  In this conversation you will discuss any specific goals or topics you would like to address in the process.  You will also, together with your coach, generate a list of four people for your coach to interview.


Phase Two: Your coaching will interview the people you work with – who may be senior managers, peers, direct reports, clients, vendors, or anyone else who can offer insightful feedback about you.  The feedback is kept anonymous, such that the interviewees can be honest about your strengths and weaknesses, the good and bad and everything in between.


Phase Three: Your coach will synthesize the feedback, looking for themes and patterns that can help you learn and grow.


Phase Four: You and your coach with have a final, one-on-one conversation in which you receive the feedback, as well as recommendations for how you can continue to grow.  Recommendations may include new skills to learn, relationships that need to be developed (or reduced), new markets or subfields to pursue, and more.


If you are a high-performing, successful professional who would like to take your game to the next level, or if you have the sense that, despite your success you could be doing even better, then give Management Assessment a try.  The risk is low, and the payoff can be enormous.


Unsure if this is for you?  Email Donny to request a no-commitment conversation to find out how a Management Assessment can help you.


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