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About I Hear You

Difficult boss? Demanding client? Insufferable colleague? Unmanageable subordinate? Any person with whom you struggle to communicate? You can’t fire your boss. You can’t drop an important client. You can’t refuse to work with a colleague, or subordinate.


I Hear You will help individuals and companies when they’re stuck in situations they don’t know how to fix.


I-Hear-You-Book-CoverYou need to make things work,
but you feel stuck.

I Hear You combines intellectual rigor and nuance with extreme practicality. I Hear You will appeal to business professionals and executives who want tools that they can apply immediately, and that will generate results quickly. Author Donny Ebenstein has had tremendous success using these concepts and tools with multiple clients from the business and nonprofit sectors: finance, retail, agriculture, technology, legal, banking, consulting, and more.


The secret to getting unstuck is not simply saying different words — it is learning to think differently.

It takes effort, time and energy. Using the methods in this book, readers will be able to shift their attitude and think differently. By stepping outside their own point of view and learning to see things from the client’s perspective, readers will learn how to communicate empathy without losing groundIn the end, they will say “I hear you.”


The process is not easy,
but the payoff is enormous.

  • Your ability to communicate will be greatly improved. 
  • Your toughest situations will become more manageable.
  • Not only will you gain skills for resolving conflict, but using this method will help you avoid conflict in the first place.


These skills can be applied in any context in which you need to interact and work together with others – with colleagues, managers, direct reports, clients, neighbors, family members and more.


In 9 succinct and easy-to-read chapters, Ebenstein guides you on how to get unstuck and onto the same page as their counterparts.


Who is This Book For?

Anyone who has ever gotten stuck in a communication breakdown at work needs this book.


I Hear You teaches a simple idea: Change your thinking and your words will follow. Providing a simple yet powerful framework, the book offers deep conceptual analysis and practical advice and tips to help you communicate and collaborate more effectively. It has proven successful with:


  • Managers who need to give performance reviews and critical feedback to their direct reports
  • Salespeople who need to have challenging conversations with clients
  • Consultants who need to discuss sensitive topics such as fees or scope of work with important clients
  • Technologists who have internal negotiations with their colleagues over deadlines and priorities
  • Investment Managers who need to effectively debate investments with their research analysts
  • Learning and Development Professionals who are constantly seeking tools and approaches they can offer their colleagues to build skills
  • Strategic Account Managers who need to say no or push back on key customers without jeopardizing the relationship
  • Conflict resolution practitioners including mediators, facilitators, lawyers, judges, international relief workers, change management consultants, HR professionals, community workers, international civil servants, peace building mission staff and others who are engaged daily in the resolution of actual and potential conflicts


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