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Virtual Offerings

Donny-Ebenstein-Virtual-Training Offerings

Working virtually has become part and parcel of many people’s work lives.

Our Virtual Learning Offerings are an additional option for professional development for clients to consider, although they are not necessarily a replacement for in-person meetings. That decision will depend on each client’s specific needs and circumstances.

There are no hard and fast rules as to whether virtual or in-person programming works best.  However, all of Ebenstein Consulting’s services –  Training, Coaching, Interventions, and Personal Skill Building – can be delivered in either a virtual format or in person. 


How to choose the option that’s best for you

VIRTUAL TRAINING works well when:

  • You have geographically-dispersed teams or teams in different time zones
  • Logistics or budgets make it difficult to bring everyone together
  • Finding a full-day to devote to training is a challenge


Virtual training allows a company to save on travel costs while simultaneously providing team activities and professional development. All of our Training programs can be offered virtually, with the number of participants limited to 12 to ensure that the program retains its interactive character.



Both Coaching and Personal Skill Building are, for many clients, a natural fit for the virtual format.  Working online can make scheduling easier, and these programs can be done from home, after hours. For some individuals, the remove of a virtual session actually facilitates greater self-disclosure compared to an in-person session. 



We also offer online mini-sessions, as short as 45 minutes in length.  An efficient way to introduce new communication or negotiation skills to your team is to offer a mini-session focusing on a specific scenario and/or a specific skill you’d like them to learn.  A role-playing exercise, followed by open Q&A, allows for a robust learning experience notwithstanding the virtual environment of the training room.


This can be highly cost-effective for an audience located in different cities or countries, particularly if now is not the right time to bring them together for a longer program.


Clients have also opted for a mini-session as engaging and interactive content for a lunch or dinner program within the framework of a corporate event.


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