“Yes We Can Negotiate!” — High School Negotiation Program of the US Embassy and Mosaica

High School Negotiation Program

From January to March 2015, the US Embassy sponsored a program, under the auspices of Mosaica, to teach negotiation skills to over 300 Israeli eleventh graders.  Students from 12 schools – six Arab and six Jewish – were paired and participated in an intensive, two-day training on negotiation.  The program, directed by Donny Ebenstein and conducted entirely in English, not only taught students skills for negotiating in daily life, but also offered them an opportunity to interact with peers across the divide in Israeli society.

Donny also led an additional program, a “Train-the-Trainer” (TTT) intended to recruit and teach new facilitators for future High School Negotiation Programs.  Eleven individuals participated in the TTT grant.

Some of the students’ reactions to the program are featured below, along with photos from the workshops and the TTT.  For a video clip featuring the program, click on the next blog post.

  • “I learned to ask why, to try to understand the other side, and to think creatively so that both sides can achieve their goals.”
  • “At the beginning, I was nervous about meeting the students from the second school, but at the end of the two days, I saw that we have a lot in common.”
  • “Thank you for an exceptional and unique experience, and for the opportunity to meet new people, and to learn new skills with them.”